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SmartIT Mobility Solutions

We’re always searching for untapped potential that creates a better solution while making a bigger bottom line for every project.

Rather than focusing on short-term fixes, we identify overarching challenges and develop holistic solutions can better answer the needs of end users, partners, and carriers alike. Get in touch with us today and let us help you solve the problems that stand in the way of success.

General Business Solutions

Mobile Policy Management
Do you currently have a mobile acceptable use policy in place for your mobile device users? Are you able to enforce it? Our Mobile Policy Management solution provides you with the documentation, policies and tools you need to establish and maintain a mobile acceptable use policy for your business. Learn more by contacting us today!

Bandwidth Management
Get control over your wireless environment to better maintain, manage, and monitor with bandwidth management solutions.

Our team will work with you to find custom solutions that fit your specific challenges. Whether you need a whole-spectrum solution to limit access and provide detailed reporting for each user, or you simply require encryption to hide your IP address from hackers, we’ll connect your organization to the right mobility products.

Gain back control of your wireless environment with our bandwidth management solutions from SmartIT Mobility. We’re here to help—contact us today to learn more!

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Education Solutions

Edifi – Wireless CIPA Compliance for K12 Schools
EDIFI is helping Schools nationwide achieve broadband internet equality for every student one by one. The EDIFI solution connects students to 24/7 access while providing the school the safety and security of being CIPA compliant via a virtual private network (VPN). EDIFI™ allows school systems to block and manage URLs with the embedded Lightspeed management console. Schools can manage their own policies, which can be filtered at both the hotspot or device level, allowing for the ultimate level of protection. EDIFI™ allows districts to effectively manage their data plans to ensure no overage charges, making it very affordable for all schools nationwide. Contact us today to learn more!

Mobil Trackr for K12
Students no longer need to stand in the cold rain waiting for the bus to arrive. With a simple-to-use app installed on their personal electronic device, students can track the approximate time their bus will arrive. Parents can monitor the comings and goings of their child’s bus, making certain their child is safe to and from school. Schools will have the latest technology to monitor their fleet in real time. A small device installed on each bus provides instant tracking capabilities and full visibility into their vehicles and drivers.

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Transportation Solutions

Protect your drivers on the road with GPS enabled 4G CCTV cameras. Our SmartView online management platform allows you to know exactly what’s happening and where with your whole fleet and review it all in crisp HD video. Not only can you get instant updates on where your team is, you can receive vital data before, during, and after an incident occurs.

Guard your drivers and your company from insurance fraud, false and exaggerated claims, driving offense allegations, and other issues faced by drivers on the road. Help everyone focus on what they do best. Let us help you connect to the power of SmartWitness.

Mobil Trackr GPS Tracking
With GPS tracking technology from Mobil Trackr you’ll feel like you’re in the vehicle with each of your employees without ever leaving the office. The affordable, easy-to-use platform reliably and accurately tracks vehicle location, smartphone usage by driver, monitors vehicle condition, and scores driver performance–all from your browser or mobile device. Contact us today to learn more!

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Mobile Application Planning and Design

Get a talented team of data geeks and creative talent to guide you through a needs assessment and begin the SmartIT process. Our process ensures we know the unique challenges of your market and thoroughly understand your current position so we can take you on the right trajectory towards growth.

Together we will create your specific deliverables and from there the team is formed and gets to work for you. Get a greater degree of success from an unbeatable team that’s focused on your needs.

Contact us today and make your idea a reality.

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Demand Generation

You exist to make an impact—we’ll help you get there.

With powerful demand generation from a successful marketing team, you’ll powerfully influence new and existing markets. Our unbeatable team unites across domains so your project moves with forward momentum to bring powerful results and a swift ROI.

Let us create a custom plan that fuels your wireless product or service marketing machine.

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